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Our Mission Goal


iGenTraX is a strongly research oriented small business. This classification appears to be implausible.


Looking at the current API MS development activities, a couple of major large enterprises are basically dominating the market spending huge amounts of R&D money.


How can a small business successfully compete in this environment?


The Answers Are


iGenTraX is embedded in a university setting. The research activities in the Departments of Physical, Theoretical, and Analytical Chemistry at the Universities of Wuppertal and Duisburg-Essen are invaluable knowledge and technology resources for the company.


iGenTraX has established strong ties to diverse top research units, such as the RWTH Aachen.

iGenTraX' research, products, and services are focused on ionization at atmospheric pressure, API. The development of Atmospheric Pressure Ion Sources along with carefully matched peripherals such as analyte transfer lines as well as the application of this technology for demanding analytical challendges is our main area of expertise.

iGenTraX strongly promotes Atmospheric Pressure Laser Ionization (APLI) as a key analytical technology in API MS. Several top analytical applications have already been developed; many more are to come in the near future.

To us API means much more than implementation of ESI, APCI, APPI, or APLI. It is our goal to fundamentally understand the processes that determine the overall performance of API sources. To this end, we regard API as a very challenging complex system which is investigated within three tightly coupled principle research areas:

- primary ion generation,

- secondary ion transformation, and

- ion transport.


New results emerging from our research activities thus find their direct way into iGenTraX products

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